“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” - Bill Cosby

Most of us are away from what we call entrepreneurship, Taking office space, hiring people, working on already half done projects precisely cleaning someone else shit or being like YES MAN and going door to door and seeking for projects. These kind of startups either fail or end in coning people by making fake promises. They say we do things which are far from them and yet they should be called as entrepreneurs.

The first thing of tech startups is creating websites on either torrented paid themes or building from library themes of CMS and yet they brag about designs. Mixing odd colors inappropriately and yet they are creative. Dont know any thing about website moods, user journeys but yet they are site builders. Content CTRL+C & CTRL+V from other sources and yet they are bloggers.

The word QUALITY is not on the manifesto yet they criticise the work done by others. The first thing while starting a tech startup is that you should be technically sound so that in times of disaster you shouldn’t end biting nails or pay handsome amount to dependant people so that they wont ditch you at the time of hardship. BUT they will skin them, suck their blood for mere some bucks and the attitude of these so called entrepreneurs towards them is out of world.

If this isn’t happening at your place then you are lucky ☺ But trust me they are everywhere ☺

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