This post is purely my experience and Hands on using Singularity, breakpoints and sass with Newly created Drupal 8 theme from Scratch. I took this Demo project myself so as to get familier with new template system introduced in Drupal 8, TWIG and ofcourse other things as well. So i created and basic theme and blogging the same experiences.

I took the Acquia Cloud Dev instance, installed drupal 8 there and pushed back changes back there. Everyone can try same and i recomend the same as it is Free.


  • Machine (For me its macbook),
  • Acquia Cloud account,
  • php + mysql installed or,
  • MAMP (For Mac users) or,
  • XAMPP or WAMP for Windows users,
  • Git (If using Acquia Cloud or if you want to push to Github),
  • Ruby Installed,
  • SASS,
  • Signularity,
  • Breakpoints,
  • Compass.